2008 Service Archive

Welcome to the First Presbyterian Church (FPC) of Mount Vernon Worship Service Archive. Below are recent messages presented by Pastor Jonathan Fettig and others from the body who have been called to give testimony. 

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January 6 2008:Matthew 2: 1-12"God is Speaking to the Farthest Reaches"Bulletin

January 13 2008: track2, track3: 90th Annual Festival of Lessons & Carols

January 20 2008:John 1:29-42"We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight" Bulletin

January 27 2008:I Corinthians 1:10-18"United in Purpose" Bulletin

February 3 2008:I Corinthians 1:18-31"Jesus Christ is the Standard" Bulletin

February 10 2008: I Corinthians 2:1-1"God’s Folly and God’s Wisdom" Bulletin

February 17 2008:I Corinthians 3:1-23"Why I Love Broken Glass and Mohawks" Bulletin

February 24 2008:I Corinthians 4:1-5"God is Paying Attention" Bulletin

March 2 2008: I Corinthians 5"Discipline is Essential to Discipleship" Bulletin

March 16 2008:Matthew 21:2-11 “A Royal Reception?” Bulletin

March 23 2008:John 20: 1-18“He Calls Us Each By Name” Bulletin

March 30 2008:I Corinthians 6:1-8“What is Different About Us?” Kyle Peters Bulletin

April 6 2008: I Corinthians 6:9-11 "Truth and Consequences: Bad News for Gossips and the Greed" Bulletin

April 13 2008:Acts 1:1-5“Anticipation” Bulletin

April 20 2008:1 Corinthians 7:1-2, 17-24“Coming Soon to a Christian near you” Bulletin

April 27 2008:1 Corinthians 8“Christian Deference”Bulletin

May 4 2008:1 Corinthians 9: 15-27“Compelled to Preach” Bulletin

May 11 2008:Acts 2:1-41  “Receive the Holy Spirit” Bulletin

May 18 2008:John 3: 3-8  “What does the Holy Spirit Do?”  Bulletin

May 25 2008:John 16:1-4a  “Who Do You Remind Others Of?” Bulletin Rev. Bruce Henderson

June 1 2008:1 Corinthians 12:1-11“Gifts for the Children” Bulletin

June 8 2008:1 Corinthians 12:12-31a “Our Family Resemblance-The Spirit of God“ Bulletin

June 15 2008:1 Corinthians 13  “Love-It’s Not Just For Weddings AnymoreBulletin

June 22 2008:1 Corinthians 14: 1-25  “Speak the Good News Plainly“ Bulletin

June 29 2008:1 Corinthians 15:1-11  “Risen From the Dead”  Bulletin

July 6 2008:1 Corinthians 15: 12-28“The Center of Time and Space” Bulletin

July 13 2008:1 Corinthians 15: 35-58“The Resurrection  Body” Bulletin

July 20 2008:1 Corinthians 16: 1-12“Now About...Responding in Love “ Bulletin

July 27 2008:Matthew 14: 25-33“Learning to Trust”Bulletin

August 3 2008:Matthew 14:13-21“Broken and Leaky” Bulletin

August 10 2008:Matthew 14: 22-33  “Take Courage” Bulletin

August 17 2008:Luke 12: 1-7  “Honor God with Your Heart”Bulletin

August 24 2008:Romans 12: 1-8“Living Sacrifices” Bulletin

August 31 2008:Hebrews 12: 1-2   “Forward in Faithfulness”  Bulletin

September 7 2008: Matthew 22:1-14  “A Royal Invitation”Bulletin Kyle Peters

September 14 2008:Joshua 4: 15-24“What Do These Stones Mean?”  Joe Noonen

September 21 2008:I Peter 2:4-10“Like Living Stones”Bulletin

September 28 2008:John 20:30-21:17“Stinky Fishermen” Bulletin

October 5 2008:  Romans 12:1-2What is the Point of all This?” Bulletin

October 12 2008:Ephesians 1:4-14  “Why am I Here?” Bulletin

October 19 2008: Mark 12:28-34“Worship, it’s what’s for sinners”

October 26 2008: Mark 3:20-34  “Fellowship: Understanding Family Faithfully” Bulletin

November 2 2008:Matthew 4:1-11“In the Cross of Christ I Glory”

November 9 2008:1 Corinthians 12: 1-1Ministry: We are all Called” Bulletin

November 16 2008:Acts 1:1-11“Made for Mission”  Bulletin

November 23 2008:Matthew 28:16-20“What have we learned?” Bulletin

November 30 2008:2 Peter 3:1-9 “What is True Love?” Bulletin

December 7 2008:John 16:17-24  “Joy”  Bulletin

December 14 2008: Genesis 15:1-6  “Hope” Bulletin

December 21 2008:Luke 2:7-15Peace” Bulletin

December 28 2008:Galatians 4:4-7“Adoption” Bulletin


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